Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mother's Day Card featuring Rinea Foil

Show your mom just how much you love her with a beautiful handmade card using Rinea double sided foil paper!

This foil paper is amazing! It's not like the other foils on the market -- this requires no heat or special machine. This has two thin layers of colorful aluminum foil with a sheet of paper sandwiched between them. This gives the material a paper-like sturdiness with the malleability of foil. It keeps the shape it is given which makes it ideal for creating 3-dimensional objects. It can be embossed, die cut, punched, sanded, folded, painted, stamped, and written on! It comes in a variety of colors and is double-sided so you have gorgeous color on both sides of your creation. 

So let's get started learning how to make this Mother's Day beauty!

Materials needed:
pop-up card base (I used one from Recollections)
Rinea foil glossy assorted sampler pack
large rhinestone or button
circle punch (I used 1 1/2")
Fiskars border punch
adhesive dots
tape runner

How to:
1. Lightly trace the front of the card onto a piece of Rinea foil paper with a pencil. Cut out with scissors.

2. Adhere the foil paper to the front panel of the card.
3. Punch 9 circles from another piece of foil paper using the smaller circle punch. One circle will be the base for the flower and the other 8 will be the flower petals.
4. Fold 8 circles as shown in the photo below:

5. Arrange folded circles in a flower shape on the base circle so that the sides of the "petals" touch each other. Don't worry if the points don't line up as they will be covered by an embellishement. Adhere the petals to the base with adhesive dots or tape runner.

6. Using a border punch, punch a long border strip. You can then cut the strip to fit the pop-up "steps" on the card -- this really emphasizes the layers! Adhere strips with tape runner.

7. Use more border strips to decorate the top and bottom of the main portion of the card. Attach the flower to the card using adhesive dots. Finish the flower with a large self-adhesive rhinestone!

I love the way that this foil holds it shape! I couldn't have gotten such a cool 3D effect on the flower using regular paper; regular paper flowers would have had to be flattened, but the foil petals can stay more rolled to really stand out.

While I made this card for Mother's Day, this is a great all-occasion card. Change up the colors for a great birthday or Christmas card!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what you can do with Rinea foil paper. For more ideas, check out the other Designer Crafts Connection posts!

Disclosure: I was provided the foil paper for free by Rinea Foil by Globalcrafting. All opinions and designs are my own. 


  1. Love all the techniques you used - beautiful card!

  2. Pretty, Lorrie! I like the different techniques you are showing here!

  3. Thanks so much for signing up on the blog hop.
    What a lovely card! I really like how you curled the circles to make the flower. I curl it in the opposite direction for my stars.

  4. The colors are fantastic! Love the card!


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