Friday, January 27, 2017

Creativation 2017, Part 1: Hot New Stamps

I am back from a wonderful trip to Creativation 2017! Creativation is the huge trade show just for the craft and hobby industry and it is amazing. It's where craft companies debut their new products for the year. If you are a love of all things crafty like I am, it's like walking through heaven (well, at least until your feet start hurting...)!

I saw so many awesome new products that there is no way I can cover them all, so I have chosen the products that I thought were the best - the most innovative, different, and coolest things I could find!

For part 1 of my show recap, I am focusing on stamps and stamp and die sets. I'll bet you will see something you like!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Coffee Station Organization

Do you have a coffee maker that uses those little KCups? We do and we love it! But sometimes, my cup stash is a mess. They are in different boxes in the cabinets and I have to dig through them to find the flavor I want. When you are in dire need of that morning cup, that extra effort is no bueno. When I go for my daily cup of java, I want to be able to get to it as quickly as possible (so that it can work it's magic even faster), so I decided to organize my KCups using Deflecto's Stackable Four 4-Drawer Cube Organizer!

Images by Freepik