Sunday, November 6, 2016

DIY Spa Party!

Are you looking for a fun party idea for your tween girl? How about a pampering party?! You can provide "salon services" for her and her friends and Deflecto can help!

I used Deflecto's new Event Kit to put together this fun and frugal party set-up. This kit is fantastic for any kind of party because it contains everything you need for displaying signs, banners, and more!

This kit contains the 3-Tier Dessert Stand, angled sign holders, 3"x4" mini slanted sign holders, sign and banner hangers,  Versa-Grip double clip sign holders, Versa-Grip wide clip sign holders, and flexible sign danglers.

For my little spa soiree, I used the 3-Tier Dessert Stand not for food, but for displaying nail polish! It makes for cute decor and it allows the guests to easily choose their color. All I did to make it match my celebration was add some pink and black ribbon to the edge of each plate. The best part is after the party, you can take the stand apart -- it stores completely flat! On top, I used the Versa-Grip wide clip sign holder to hold the large "Pamper Party" sign. This wide clip fits on the Dessert Stand perfectly!

For the signs advertising the "spa services" the guests can pick from, I used the angled sign holders. Using a hot glue gun, I added a little pink gem to each one to match the decor.

The best thing about this type of party is that it is very budget-friendly. All of the beauty supplies can be picked up at the dollar store! For less than $30, you can pamper several girls with bath poufs, nail files, nail polish, lotion, and more, and then all of those things can be taken home as party favors!

If you’re interested in purchasing the items used in this project and more, then tune in on November 14th to Create and Craft for their first ever feature of Deflecto’s new Event Kit. The perfect kit for your next party, get yours before they’re gone! Click HERE to find out where to watch!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Every Thanksgiving table needs a pretty centerpiece, so let's make one using Deflecto Craft products and JOY embroidered letters!

 I started with a mini straw bale and a fall floral pick that I found at Hobby Lobby. I then split the pick apart into individual pieces so that I could arrange them the way I wanted.

I placed a Deflecto Flexible Sign Dangler under the metal pieces that hold the straw bale together. These sign danglers are amazing -- they are made of thin flexible metal so that you can bend them any way you want! They also have adhesive tabs on them, making it easy to attach a sign to.

I then made a sign using Deflecto Sign Tags and JOY embroidered letters. I cut the sign tag in half and applied the letters and leaves using glue dots (this style of letter is actually an iron-on, but I have had great success on non-fabric surfaces using glue dots or hot glue). Finally I attached the sign to the sign dangler. I covered the sign dangler with a leaf from the floral pick.

What a beautiful addition to my holiday table! And since these are so easy to make and budget-friendly, I may just make a few extras so my guests can take one home for themselves!

Images by Freepik