Friday, August 26, 2016

Personalized Blinged Out Cell Phone Case

It's back to school time! Have the kids been bugging you for a new cell phone for the new school year? Did you laugh at them? (Hey, I don't have kids -- I'm not judging!) Well, at least you can make that old phone look new with a fancy blinged-out and personalized cell phone case!

If y'all know anything about me, it is that I am cheap. Like super cheap. Like "Do I need to throw this ziploc bag out or can I reuse it?" cheap. So I do a lot of my shopping at the Dollar Tree. Everything in there is just a dollar. Y'all, ONE DOLLAR! The last time I hit up the Dollar Tree, I grabbed one of these cell phone cases for a Samsung Galaxy5. They had some for several different phones, but none of this new Galaxy7 mess, so if you have a new phone, you may be out of luck. Anyway, I took that bad boy home and got to crafting.

I decided this little case needed some bling. Isn't there some song called "Hotline Bling"? I am old and out of touch so forgive me, youngsters who might be reading this.

Any-hoo, for the bling, I used self-adhesive rhinestone sheets from The Buckle Boutique. These sheets are awesome. You can cut them with scissors, cut them in a die cut machine, use a paper cutter or craft knife -- seriously, they are life-changing.

I put a JOY stick-on embroidered "varsity block" letter on top of the rhinestone sheet and cut around it to give the letter a bling-y outline. These letters from JOY are so cool because they give the look of fancy machine embroidery, but you can attach them to anything. I pulled the adhesive backing off the rhinestone sheet and placed it on the case. Then I cut single lines of rhinestones from the sheet and placed them on the chevron designs of the case. That's it! So easy and it looks amazing!

If you want to see more cool stuff using JOY, stop by the "Creating with Joy" blog where the design team shows you what you can do with these handy little letters. You can also find JOY letters at Michaels and Hobby Lobby so you can make your own personalized crafts.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep on crafting!

Disclosure: I am a design team member for JOY embroidered letters. I was provided with free product in exchange for my original ideas and designs.

Images by Freepik