Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Coffee Station Organization

Do you have a coffee maker that uses those little KCups? We do and we love it! But sometimes, my cup stash is a mess. They are in different boxes in the cabinets and I have to dig through them to find the flavor I want. When you are in dire need of that morning cup, that extra effort is no bueno. When I go for my daily cup of java, I want to be able to get to it as quickly as possible (so that it can work it's magic even faster), so I decided to organize my KCups using Deflecto's Stackable Four 4-Drawer Cube Organizer!

I started with a clear Stackable 4-Drawer Cube. These cubes are fantastic because they can be used to hold so many different things. In this case, the little drawers hold KCups perfectly!

I decorated the sides with 6x6 kraft paper that I stamped with an adorable coffee cup and little coffee beans from Pink and Main -- sooo cute!

Next, I stamped more coffee cups on kraft paper, but this time, I cut out each individual image and placed them on each little drawer face.

For the top, I used a 6X6 piece of patterned kraft paper from Basic Grey. I then attached two large canvas flowers from Prima and finished them with another coffee cup as the center. For the finishing touch, I used JOY embroidered letters to spell out "coffee" (the JOY letters are iron-on, but I attached them using small glue Zots from Thermoweb).

Now my KCups are organized, making my morning cup o' joe a little easier and the solution is cute too!

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