Thursday, March 3, 2011

I need a serious dose of patience!

If you all remember, my "one little word" for 2011 is BRAVE. I decided that this was the year to go big or go home. So in that vein, I have been actively pursuing my dream of being on a design team. I've been sending out submissions like a crazy woman.

But do you know what the worst part is? The waiting. Waiting for the email or call that you had what someone was looking for. Waiting to hear if your art is deemed "worthy". Waiting to see if this is the day that you are one step closer to your dream.

As those who know me can attest, I pretty much stink at waiting. Patience is definitely not my gift. I try every day to cultivate it, but most of the time, I fail miserably (I could never be a vulture, just waiting around till something dies! I'd have to go kill it myself!). I have to constantly remind myself that my life is not subject to my time line; it works on God's time line.

So today, I wait for an announcement that is supposed to come and try to be patient. If it is meant to be, it will happen. If not, then I move on and try again...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

JOURNALING PROMPT: Are you a patient person? If so, how did you become that way? If not, do you want to change?

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  1. Oh, how exciting! I hope it works out for you. You will have to keep us all updated.

    I do NOT have patience. I know I need it, but have no idea how to achieve it. My friend Jen calls me, "Instant Gratification Girl" I want it and I want it now!


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