Monday, January 17, 2011

New Cosmo Cricket collections... and a favor to ask my dear readers!

I adore Cosmo Cricket. The people behind Cosmo Cricket (Julie, Eric, and Lindsay) are so sweet and lovely. Their collections are always so retro and fun and cute as can be. Well, they have outdone themselves this time with their new collections debuting at CHA in a couple of weeks. Just look at these!
"Social Club"

"Upcycle" (my personal favorite!)

"Salt Air"

Aren't those just the cutest? So go here to see all of the pictures of the papers and other goodies up close!

Now for the favor to ask all of you....

The same lovely people at Cosmo Cricket are doing something really cool. They are giving away these collections to some lucky people and one of the ways involves you! While winning this stuff would be great, this would be even better:

"And, the final way to win is to be nominated by your friends and family as one awesome person who would make a great addition to our design team. The top 10 people nominated will be featured here on our blog for you to vote on again. The winner of that vote will become the newest addition to our team for at least 6 months and they will also receive tons of Cosmo Cricket goodies including the new lines."

That's where you come in! You know you want me to be on the Cosmo Cricket design team. You know that it would be just too cool for school. Think of how popular you would be if you could say to your friends, "Hey! My friend Lorrie is on the Cosmo Cricket design team!" You would be making folks jealous left and right. So go on over to their blog and leave them a comment nominating ME! Or go to their Facebook page and nominate ME! Or go to Twitter and nominate ME! Or go to your email and send them a message nominating ME! OR DO ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!  Only the top 10 nominees are in the running so vote early and vote often!

(Seriously though, it would be an awesome opportunity so I would be so honored if you would nominate me.)

Hugs and smooches to y'all!

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