Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Journaling prompt --- A favorite item of clothing

Do you remember a favorite item of clothing from your childhood?

I have a phenomenal memory so I can recall lots of clothes and shoes that I loved as a child. In kindergarten, I had a pair of cowboy boots that I loved. I wore them on picture day with a pair of khaki pants so I could "look like JR" (yes, from Dallas!). I had a t-shirt in 3rd grade that was aqua and white that said "I love rock n' roll" on the front. In 5th grade, I had a pink sweatshirt with scottie dogs on it... and I think it was Swatch or Esprit or some other very 80's brand.

But these shoes are right up there in my memory:

They were house shoes with Snow White heads on the front. Oh, how I loved those shoes! They were pink and fuzzy, and the Snow White head smelled soooo good like plastic baby dolls. I remember wearing them until they got holes in the bottoms and in the toe where my big toe poked through. Just looking at these pictures brings back great memories of that Christmas and how it felt to be a little 3-year-old girl!

So think about your favorite clothing item from your childhood and make a scrapbook page about it. Don't have a picture of you in the item? That's OK. You can always include a picture of you from that same time period, or you can just not use a picture at all and focus on the journaling itself.  Either way, it will be a great page to have fun with!

I would love to see your work so upload your page to your blog, Photobucket, or some other gallery and send me the link!

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