Thursday, August 27, 2015

Crafting with Office Supplies Blog Hop

This month, I am participating in the Designer Crafts Connection Manufacturer Challenge sponsored by Deflecto. We are crafting with office supplies!

When I look around, I see all kinds of surfaces that need to be "jazzed up". Office supplies are no exception. Why have a boring nameplate like everyone else when you can bling it up and show off your personality?!

Tell everyone in your office that The Diva is In (or out) with a nameplate from Deflecto. The sparkly beauty above started life as a regular black nameplate, but with just a little work, became a diva-fied office statement!

To make your own, you need:

  1. Deflecto Interior Image Sign Holder Nameplate (available at Amazon and other retailers)
  2. glitter paper
  3. adhesive rhinestones
  4. ribbon
  5. Mod Podge (I used Glitter Mod Podge for extra shine)
  6. letter stickers
  7. cardstock or patterned paper
  8. glue dots
  9. scissors
  10. foam brush
How to:
  • Trace the top part of the nameplate onto the back of the glitter paper and cut out. Using your foam brush, coat the back of the paper with Mod Podge and place the paper onto the nameplate. Coat the paper with Mod Podge, making sure that the edges are adhered well. Let dry.
  • Once Mod Podge has dried, place assorted rhinestones on the glitter paper.
  • Using glue dots, attach ribbon to top and bottom of the area where the nameplate goes, leaving one end unattached (so you can slide your nameplate in).
  • Cut your cardstock or patterned paper to be 8.5" x 2". Then use letter stickers to spell out your name or message. I made an extra piece so that my sign could also read, "The Diva is Out".

Want your own Deflecto supplies to craft with? You can win them in the Deflecto/DCC giveaway!

We are giving away a Deflecto frame and a Stackable Cube Organizer, perfect for your craft stuff like pens, inks, buttons, beads, and more. Just go to the Designer Crafts Connection homepage and enter to winvia Rafflecopter.

If you want to see what other designers have done with their office supplies, use my DCC link button on the right side of this page to hop to all of the other fun projects!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As a member of the Deflecto Design Team I have been provided product in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions.


  1. LOL! CUTE!!
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  2. LOVE this! The bling- the glitter- the phrase- it's all perfect!

  3. Ohhh so cool! Just gave me a smile. :)


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