Friday, November 6, 2009

So what do you scrap?

"So what do you scrap then?"

I had a fellow scrapbooker ask me this at a crop once.  This came right after I said that I was not married and had no children.

So you can only scrap if you are married and have kids?  Wow.  They didn't give me that memo at the very first Creative Memories party I went to.

That was many years ago.  Now I am married.  However, I still don't have kids. 

Guess what?  Someone said to me not too long ago, "I don't know how you do it.  If I didn't have kids, I'd have nothing to scrap!" 

Oh man.  I'm breaking all the scrapbooking rules here, aren't I?

I scrap my life.  Yep, my life.  I celebrate me.  The people that I love.  The things that are important to me.

I have a great husband and we have a blast together.  I scrap that.

I have awesome friends that I love to be around.  I scrap that.

I like some really cool things and go really cool places.  I scrap that.

I am a pretty awesome person.  I scrap that.

You don't have to be a certain thing to be a scrapper.  You don't have to be married, straight, have kids, be young, be old, whatever.  Just BE yourself... and go scrap that.


  1. What about pets? People scrap pets, too. I scrapped before I had a child- in fact, I had a lot more time to scrap then! I'm pleased to see more companies are beginning to make paper than can be used for non-child occasions. That used to be a real challenge at one time.

  2. Ummm yea, who cares what you scrap?? It's your life and your scrapbook! Keep on breaking them rules! I scrap bad stuff, ugly stuff, good stuff, beautiful stuff. Yes I have kids but I even scrap about abusive relationships and whatever pops into my crazy pink head!


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