Thursday, October 1, 2009

Directions for the folded paper basket

I've had some people ask me how to make the folded paper basket that was the KI Memories make and take from ScrapFest. 

I warn you now, however... I suck at writing directions.  The spatial part of my brain and the verbal part of my brain have only met in passing and are by no means close friends.  So if you think that a lobotomized monkey could write the directions better, you are so right.

1.  Take 1 12" X 12" piece of cardstock or patterned paper (the heavier weight, the better).  If you want the inside of your basket to be pretty as well, use a paper that has a pattern on both sides or attach another piece of patterned paper to the backside.

2.  Tri-fold the paper length-wise, making a crease at 4" and at 8".  Then rotate the paper and tri-fold again.  This will leave you with 9 visible "squares" on your paper. 

3.  Take 1 corner "square" and fold it so diagonally so that the two outside corners of your "square" meet.

4.  Repeat for the remaining three corners.

5.  Now flatten the paper back out to a flat 12" X 12".  Turn the paper over and add embellishments to the unfolded areas.  These will be the sides of the basket.

6.  Finally refold the corners so that they all meet in the middle.  Hole punch a hole in each and run a ribbon through.

Now you can use the basket to hold yummy goodies!!!!

Does any of that make sense?  If not, that's why I included the pictures.  If you still can't get it, then get a kid to help you.  They can always figure this stuff out faster than I can.

And how tacky is it that the best surface I had available to take pictures on was a folding chair?  That is a sure sign that I need to clean off my scrap table!


  1. Doesn't matter what you create on just as long as you're creating! I love this little project. I taught someone at work the other day.

  2. Thank you very much for this! You are awesome. I kinda forgot about May Day and was looking for a super simple basket pattern and this is perfect.



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