Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Being frisked... scrapper style!

Yep, that's me getting frisked at the Atlanta airport on my way to ScrapFest.  I had emptied my pockets and taken off my shoes like a good little passenger, but I set the machine off twice so the guard gives out the call for "female pat-down assistance" and I have to step into the little glass cubicle of shame.

Enter the TSA lady.

She begins our exchange by saying, "Do you KNOW why you set off the machine today?"  Um, no.  I'm just as surprised as you are, to be honest.  So then the fun begins with both "THE WAND" and the physical pat-down.  The physical pat-down includes having to roll down the waistband of my jeans (huh?) and standing like, well, like you see above.

Now of course all of this strikes me as very funny.  The situation is kind of absurd and I have a nervous laugh response anyway (anyone who knows me knows that I laugh at terribly inappropriate times, like when people are CHOKING, but I digress).  So what happens?  I am laughing... THE WHOLE TIME!  Needless to say, the TSA lady is not amused and probably thinks that I am deranged as well as being a suspicious character. 

But what makes it ever funnier?  The fact that Kerry is there taking pictures of the whole thing.  Only a scrapbooker would think to take pictures of this event.  I was so proud of her for doing this for me since I figured that if I yelled out, "Hey Kerry, take some pictures for the scrapbook", I would have been escorted out of the cubicle of shame into a much more sinister room where cameras are discouraged.

So that's how our trip began.  Ten minutes into our trip and we were already causing a scene.  It was great.

Oh yeah, and the thing that was setting off the metal detector?  The underwire in my bra.  I kid you not.

And I won't even get into the frisking I got at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.  Let's just say that I though that TSA lady owed me at least dinner after it was over.


  1. I know exactly how you feel! We were leaving Denver on our house hunting trip in '05 and Sophia was 3 mths old. SO in tow we had stroller, bags, etc, etc, etc and because we were flying out on my birthday the guard said....oh it's your birthday (after viewing my DL) then you can go in this line leaving Craig with the stroller, baby, and every bag we had! I usually get frisked because they say "You look like you have a face that wouldn't mind". In response I say, "Can you please pick the ones that look like they would?"!!! Glad that Kerry was there to capture this very fun scrapbook moment for you!

  2. When my sig other worked for the airlines I could travel with him via his friends/family pass. It NEVER failed I would be the "special" one they'd have to pull aside to frisk and examine more closer. Like a friend/relative of the employee is really going to do something to risk said employee's job to do something stupid!! LOL But Kerry is wonderful for taking pictures! How awesome!! :-D

  3. I have to say that I am very proud of myself for thinking to take the pictures as I was putting my shoes back on. I did have a twinge of fear that my uncontrollabale giggling while taking the pictures was going to get me detained, too, but I got lucky!

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