Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CHA Mega Show 2016 Recap #1 - Hot Products

Greetings, y'all! I am back from yet another awesome CHA Mega Show in Anaheim, CA with lots of photos and goodies to share. Today, I will kick it off with pics from the Hot Products Sneak Peek event.

Each year, manufacturers submit their new retail products to be considered for a Hot Product award in eight categories (bead and jewelry, cake and food decorating, fabric and needle crafts, floral crafts, general crafts, kids crafts, paint and art, and paper crafts). A panel of industry buyers, bloggers, editors, and craft celebrities then judge the submissions and select category finalists on three criteria: what makes the product unique, how the product will improve the crafter's experience, and the interest and excitement the product generates outside the crafting community.

At the Sneak Peek show, I wasn't able to get photos of all of the finalists. And I wasn't a judge, but as a seasoned crafter, here are my choices for Hot Product!

Deflecto's 3-Tier Dessert Stand (Cake and Food Decorating Category)

Now, of course, I was partial to this one since I am on the Deflecto Design Team, but seriously, this is an awesome product. It is easy to set up, knocks down flat for storage, and is a snap to clean up. To see more about the Dessert Stand, see my post here.

PenBlade Craft and Hobby Knife (Cake and Food, Fabric and Needle Crafts, and Floral Crafts)

The PenBlade is a retractable, stainless steel knife that is based on the design of a surgeon's scalpel. It is retractable which makes the product safer than other craft knives, and the stainless steel blade stays sharper than carbon blades. It comes in 3 different sizes for use in all types of crafting, easily cutting paper, fabric, foam board, cardboard, fondant, and more.

ImpressArt Texture Hammer (Bead and Jewelry)

ImpressArt has always provided jewelry makers with high-quality letter and symbol stamps, but with this tool, they are now bringing beautiful textures to the mix. It's now easy to make gorgeous textured jewelry like these pieces!

CrayPen (Paint and Art)

The CrayPen is a new heat tool that allows users to paint with wax. The colors blend and layer easily, giving the look of oil painting! You can use the CrayPen on paper, plastic, glass, canvas, fabric... just about anything. See that Avengers cartoon in the photo above? Yep, the Hulk was colored in with the CrayPen. The shading is amazing.

My Sweet Petunia MISTI (Paper Crafts)

The MISTI (which stands for Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented) is one of those tools that makes you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" And then when you see it in action, you ask yourself, "How soon can I get one of these?" Seriously, it is that amazing.

The MISTI uses a printed grid and a hinged lid to provide consistant stamping that you just can't get with traditional stamp mounts. I can't even put it into words -- to get the full coolness of this thing, you just have to watch the video here.

Offray Bow Genius (General Crafts)

The Bow Genius is a bow making tool like no other. Sure, there are other bow makers on the market, but in order to make different sized bows, you have to buy multiple tools. Not with the Bow Genius -- this one tool makes bows of all sizes, from tiny hairbows to giant tree toppers. It's also crazy easy to use!

Stay tuned -- I am going to be posting a full review of the Bow Genius later!

And here's the full list of 2016 Hot Product winners:

BEAD & JEWELRY  - Bangle Bracelet Weaver Tool by Kleshna by Beadalon (http://www.beadalon.com)
CAKE & FOOD DECORATING - PenBlade Craft and Hobby Knife (http://www.penbladeknife.com)
FABRIC & NEEDLE CRAFTS - 8" Tabletop Offset Scissors by Fiskars (http://www2.fiskars.com)
FLORAL CRAFTS - PenBlade Craft and Hobby Knife 
GENERAL CRAFTS - Bow Genius by Berwick Offray LLC (http://www.offray.com)
KIDS CRAFTS - kat & duke by Happenchance, LLC (http://www.katandduke.com)
PAINT & ART - Cray-Pen by FPC Corporation (http://www.surebonder.com)
PAPER CRAFTS - Mini MISTI and Mega MISTI by My Sweet Petunia, Inc. (http://www.mysweetpetunia.com)

So which products do you think are Hot Product worthy?

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